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Finally Back on My Feet Again

It has taken a very long time, but I am finally getting back to a more or less normal life. I was working for one of the local tech companies and making really good money. One night I went out with some other guys and at about 2 AM we got into a fairly serious accident near the campus of San Jose State University. The accident was caused by a drunk pedestrian walking in front of traffic. The driver hit a parked car. I have been to a San Jose chiropractor and just about very doctor in this town since then. It did not really seem like that much of a collision at the time, but I was probably knocked out of my senses a bit at the time. Another car swerved in our lane to avoid the pedestrian and we swerved to avoid him, but we ended up hitting a light pole. At any rate I was pretty messed up below the waist. I was seated in the passenger seat and that was pretty close to the impact occurred. In fact I had a real close up look at that light pole and I was really thinking that I was going to take a direct hit. They really hit me with a bunch of sedatives and the next few hours were really hazy to me. They told me that I had to sign some papers and I remember that, but not very well. They left me in the hospital for two weeks and three days. After that I still had some very serious back pain, so I ended up going to a chiropractor so that he could fix that. I had no clue how to pick one of them and of course you do not want to make a big mistake in the process.