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Hair Transplants

Out of many hair loss solutions, the most effective ones is the surgical hair restoration. Men and women chose from various hair replacements procedures, including permanent hair replacement. The technique totally dependent upon degree of loss hair and circumstances of each person. In this article below you will find different hair replacement techniques and solution of hair loss i.e. hair transplant. Hair transplantation in kolkata has been become very popular compare to other cities in India.

Techniques of hair transplant

There are many surgical hair loss remedies that are available in the market. The procedure and treatment option depends upon different condition of people. If hair loss solution is not right for any patient due to its cost, then even there are non surgical treatments available. Hair transplant include hair removal of small portion of their hair from sides and from back of head. Hair transplant is the most reliable and dependent hair loss solution. The goal of this surgery is to relocate hair follicles from donor area to the bald scalp. If you want to get the cheap and quality hair transplant in Kolkata then you should visit our online portal.

In past days during the hair transplant surgery, lumps of hair follicles were relocated, that resulted in unnatural hair look. Whereas, in today’s technology surgeons are allowed to relocate even small group of follicles. There are even times when a single hair follicle is created for hair growth pattern similar to young scalp. These micrografts are called as follicular unit hair graft, they are fundamental in creating true natural look of hair.

Harvesting – Donor Area

Latest technologies of hair transplant surgery include removal of donor strip of hair bearing scalp from back of head. Determining how large the donor area is totally dependent upon the surgeon, according to the transplanted amount of hair. The donor area is carefully trimmed close to the scalp and is removed by local anaesthesia. This scalp is closed with the help of surgical sutures.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Advance in size and placement of hair grafts is what makes modern hair transplant look so natural. It is important for front hair transplant, to ignore unnatural look because of bare skin to dense hair. Hair transplant centres in the national network use technique known as FUT. Hair grows in group which is known as follicular unit hair grafts. Once the surgery is completed, the scalp gets recovered and then after hair grafts is grown on its own.

Transplanting the Donor Hair

After removing hair from back of the scalp, then the strip is surgically dissected in the follicular units (small incisions are made from recipient area and follicular units are thus inserted carefully. These new hair follicles are distributed in such as way that the balding area of the scalp gets covered slowly.

In order to get natural good look from medical hair restoration, density for good hair transplant is very important. In past days of medical hair restoration, clumps of follicles are placed in holes in the scalp. In the early attempts of surgical hair restoration dense and thin hair were used in alternative places. As there is improvement in techniques and technology, smaller follicles of hair group have been transplanted with smaller incisions. This results in more uniform, dense, and to more natural look.

Results of Hair Transplant

There are several medications that can be suggested by your surgeon after the surgery. There are moist dressing, shampoo and conditioner used for medications. Medications of oral anti baldness such as finasteride and minoxidil are the best recommended supplement for hair transplant surgery. Your surgeon will study your case and give you the proper post surgical regime, to obtain the best results.

Recovery from Hair Transplant

After placing all the micro grafts in the scalp, hair transplant patients will have stubble in the areas that got operated and they will also get some minor scabbing. The scalp that gets affected heals rapidly. The hair that is transplanted will fall within few weeks, as hair goes in resting phase in the start. Within period of months, hair will start growing again in growing phase and the hair growth is normal. Transplanted hairs are surgical, and they are not prone to biological influences as original follicles in bald region. It should produce hair only in donor area.

Candidates for Hair Loss Transplants

There are advance surgical techniques available. In this; hair replacement can be made permanent with help of hair transplant surgery. Hair restoration procedure is gaining popularity these days. Hair transplant looks very natural these days because surgeon can recreate the natural appearance. Surgeons can even perform revisional operation for those people who are not satisfied with the previous results of the surgery. For many patients risks of hair replacement surgery are in significant and far outweighed with its potential benefits. Before the patient getting operated doctor will discuss all the procedure along with the hair transplant side effects.