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I Hurt My Back Hiking and Was at Risk of Losing My Job

I had called off twice in one week. My work does not have a liberal calling off policy. I hurt myself on a hike over the weekend. By the time Saturday evening rolled around, my back was aching bad. I had wrenched it like this before and it took weeks to heal. I knew I did not do any damage that would show up on an x-ray, but it hurt something awful anyway. My manager suggested I see his Bakersfield chiropractor for help. He was trying to help me not miss any more days. I was concerned about my job and would go to work no matter how much it hurt. Since I was not hurt on the job, I did not know what to do.

I got a same day appointment with the Bakersfield chiropractor when I explained my problem. The examination did not reveal anything that would require me to visit my doctor or the emergency room. I was having spasms and trigger points where I twisted myself up on the trail. The heat packs, massage and that electrical stimulation device made my back feel wonderful. I was able to get through the work okay, and I had another adjustment and treatment the following day. I felt even better after the second visit. Before, I would have been trying to find a comfortable way to even sit.

The chiropractor showed me how to exercise to build up the muscles to prevent a recurrence of this. It has happened in the past, and I did not want it ever happening again. The risk of missing work is serious, but I also do not want to endure the pain of it. After a few treatments, my pain was gone. I also felt stronger in my back and more confident to continue my hikes on the weekends without worrying about hurting my back again.