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Finally Back on My Feet Again

It has taken a very long time, but I am finally getting back to a more or less normal life. I was working for one of the local tech companies and making really good money. One night I went out with some other guys and at about 2 AM we got into a fairly serious accident near the campus of San Jose State University. The accident was caused by a drunk pedestrian walking in front of traffic. The driver hit a parked car. I have been to a San Jose chiropractor and just about very doctor in this town since then. It did not really seem like that much of a collision at the time, but I was probably knocked out of my senses a bit at the time. Another car swerved in our lane to avoid the pedestrian and we swerved to avoid him, but we ended up hitting a light pole. At any rate I was pretty messed up below the waist. I was seated in the passenger seat and that was pretty close to the impact occurred. Continue Reading

I Hurt My Back Hiking and Was at Risk of Losing My Job

I had called off twice in one week. My work does not have a liberal calling off policy. I hurt myself on a hike over the weekend. By the time Saturday evening rolled around, my back was aching bad. I had wrenched it like this before and it took weeks to heal. I knew I did not do any damage that would show up on an x-ray, but it hurt something awful anyway. My manager suggested I see his Bakersfield chiropractor for help. He was trying to help me not miss any more days. I was concerned about my job and would go to work no matter how much it hurt. Since I was not hurt on the job, I did not know what to do.

I got a same day appointment with the Bakersfield chiropractor when I explained my problem. Continue Reading

Uses of lavandin oil that will shock people

The dream of people to fill the garden and home with the pleasant fragrance of lavender is not a far-away dream as lavandin is a simple medicinal herb that resembles the aroma of lavender. People can find this plant has tall flower spikes and delicate evocative aroma. This plant has been a well known garden plant for several decades. Lavandin is an evergreen shrub larger than lavender. This evergreen shrub can grow up to maximum three feet high with narrow, green, linear leaves producing blue violet flowers. The plant gets covered with many oil glands resembling star shaped hairs. Lavandin plant is exclusively used for scent. Several commercial manufacturers use lavandin oil as an alternative to lavender. But this oil has a much camphorous and rougher fragrance. This oil has become the popular option among the mass therapists and aroma therapists for its pleasant floral scent and constituents.

Uses of lavandin essential oil as antidepressant

This essential oil is used in medicines for its antidepressant, analgesic, cicatrisant and nervine properties. Lavandin extract has a calming and rejuvenating aroma that can be antidepressant oil. Camphor, terpineol 4 and linayl acetate in this oil enhances the stimulating and

The latest dental treatments satisfy residents

Many people search for the most outstanding dental treatments available in the famous dental clinic nearby their residence or place of work. They do not like to visit any unknown dental clinic and get poor dental treatments. They are very conscious about the overall quality and the cost of dental treatment.  They can feel free to click here and visit Star Dental Institute. Inc. This dental clinic has well experienced dentists and the ultramodern medical equipment.

The most reliable dental clinic

Every visitor to this clinic is happy and confident since the most outstanding resources and treatments. They encourage their family members and friends to make contact with Star Dental Institute. They ensure that this dental institute provides the world-class dental treatments in Colorado Springs to make patients satisfied every time. They understand overall benefits of the best suitable dental treatments from a successful team of dentists.

This dental institute provides the following categories of services these days successfully.

  • Dental implants
  • Same day dentures
  • Sedation dentistry

Different dental services

You may have any kind of denture needs these days. You can contact this reputable dental institute and get an appointment to meet a dentist as quickly as possible. Once you have

Health benefits from the most outstanding quality of peppermint oil

Many teenagers and adults search for natural ways to improve their physical and mental health in our time. They understand the healing power of natural elements in the world. They do not like to use products that contain very harmful chemical ingredients. They are very conscious about a safe approach to heal their health problems and enhance their health condition further. If they suffer from respiratory tract problems, poor energy level, stomach ache, headache, a lack of mental focus, tight muscles or any other health problem, then they can use the Peppermint Oil as per instructions. They will be satisfied with a safe way to heal their health problems within a short time.

Heal your illness naturally

Almost every teenager and health conscious adult persons wish to engage in their beloved sports at least thrice a week. They suffer from so many physical health problems regardless of how many benefits they have gained by their physical activities in the playground. The muscle pain is the most common problems for those who play sports every so often. They can use peppermint essential oil in a proper way to get the complete relief from their pain. This oil acts as the natural