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Male Erectile Dysfunction: Signs and Symptoms Erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as ED or impotence is one of the most stressful things that a man can suffer in his lifetime. It is an embarrassing and frustrating condition that can have a serious impact on a person’s sexual life and relationship. In the United states, erectile dysfunction is fairly common, affecting one in every five men at one point in their lives. Older men are more at risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction, though all men can be affected by it, as a result of many different physical and psychological factors. Suffering the occasional erection failure does not mean that have ED, but if you have any of the following symptoms, it may mean that you indeed have erectile dysfunction. Right from the name, it is clear that one of the major symptoms of erectile dysfunction is the failure to get an erection. This failure to get an erection is even more telling if it is during times of sexual arousal. Not getting erections at all, even in normal times like in the morning may also point to erectile dysfunction. Failure to get an erection in one isolated incident should however not be taken as a sign of impotence. It becomes a cause for alarm if the failures are very frequent and trying different things does not seem to help. Failing to get an erection is bad, but getting one that does not last long enough is just as bad, and it is a major symptom of impotence. You can consider yourself to be suffering from erectile dysfunction if during periods of sexual activity, you cannot sustain your erection long enough to get the job done. You know you have erectile dysfunction if you cannot get an erection and the one you actually get does not last long enough. The frequency of this is also a major determinant of the problem.
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The inability to get an ejaculation is another symptom. It is not possible to have an ejaculation without a proper erection. It therefore means that all the symptoms are related and interlinked. A weak erection coupled with the inability to have an ejaculation is a major symptom of erectile dysfunction. For the inability to ejaculate to be considered a sign for impotence, it has to happen frequently and consistently.
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Another sign for erectile dysfunction is a painful erection. Having a painful erection means that one abandons the sexual activity all together so as to avoid the pain. Though this may be an indication of another condition, it can still point to erectile dysfunction. Reduced sex drive or libido may be another symptom of erectile dysfunction. If your sexual drive has diminished, it may be an indication of erectile dysfunction since it all happens in the mind.