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Uses of lavandin oil that will shock people

The dream of people to fill the garden and home with the pleasant fragrance of lavender is not a far-away dream as lavandin is a simple medicinal herb that resembles the aroma of lavender. People can find this plant has tall flower spikes and delicate evocative aroma. This plant has been a well known garden plant for several decades. Lavandin is an evergreen shrub larger than lavender. This evergreen shrub can grow up to maximum three feet high with narrow, green, linear leaves producing blue violet flowers. The plant gets covered with many oil glands resembling star shaped hairs. Lavandin plant is exclusively used for scent. Several commercial manufacturers use lavandin oil as an alternative to lavender. But this oil has a much camphorous and rougher fragrance. This oil has become the popular option among the mass therapists and aroma therapists for its pleasant floral scent and constituents.

Uses of lavandin essential oil as antidepressant

This essential oil is used in medicines for its antidepressant, analgesic, cicatrisant and nervine properties. Lavandin extract has a calming and rejuvenating aroma that can be antidepressant oil. Camphor, terpineol 4 and linayl acetate in this oil enhances the stimulating and soothing attributes. Thus, it benefits the heart and mind of people in many ways. This oil has an ability to boost confidence, self esteem, mental strength and hope while fighting depression. Lavandin extract can become helpful for people to drive away their depression. This can also relive the stress and anxiety of people suffering from loneliness and insecurity. Being an antidepressant, lavandin essential oil can be administered to people suffering from acute depression. They can add 2 or 3 drops of this oil in the burner, diffuser, bath tub or vaporizer to combat negative thoughts.

Lavandin properties and its uses

  • Certain compounds in this essential oil have antiseptic properties. Thus, the extract of lavandin plan can protect wounds and injuries from becoming septic. This oil is effective in preventing cuts from getting affected or septic particularly after surgery or caesarian deliveries.
  • The analgesic properties of lavandin oil have the ability to reduce inflammation and pain. This oil helps in reducing pain in the joints and muscles as well as headaches and toothaches resulting from viral infections.
  • Cicatrisant is an interesting characteristic or property of this oil. It can make the after marks of acne, boils and scars fade away. This also includes fading away the stretch marks, fat cracks and surgery marks that are linked with delivery of an infant or pregnancy. Lavandin can improve the circulation of blood and supports new cells growth. This contributes to the natural anti scarring property of the oil.
  • An agent that can keep the nerves in good health and in order is nervine. This essential oil performs as a tonic to cure the nervous disorders including shaking hands, nervousness and Alzheimer’s disease.

It is used in speeding up the healing time of cuts, wounds and surgical incisions as well as protects them from getting infected. This property makes this oil a vulnerary.