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What do you need to expect as a patient after liposuction?

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Liposuction a procedure by which unwanted or extra fat is removed from the body through small holes, with each hole’s diameter less than 1/4th of an inch. The procedure leaves no apparent scars as there is no cutting involved. There are only a few tiny dots like scars, which are barely visible. 2 to 6 inches of liposuction can be removed safely in one liposuction procedure.

Post-operative care

While liposuction is a safe technique, it is important for you know to have full knowledge of the operation as well what you should expect after the procedure. Here are a few things that you should expect, as a patient, after the surgery:

Return to normal life

You recovery depends on the size of your liposuction and the doctor’s recommendations. He may ask you to stay overnight in the hospital if the procedure had been a slightly lengthy one. Quiet rest is recommended immediately after surgery. You can drive the next day if you feel well enough and can take part in light physical activities and resume your regular physical activities 2-4 days after surgery. Expect to be sore and fatigued for a few days after surgery.


You can resume your normal diet after surgery if a local anesthesia has been used. As with any surgery, alcohol is to be avoided 48 hours before and after surgery.

HK Post-Op Garments

For patients of tumescent liposuction, these garments, coupled with binders, have been specifically designed to be used with super absorbent pads. They give compression to allow maximum drainage of the anesthetic solution. These garments are worn by patients 3-6 days after surgery and are removed only for showering. The garments and binders should not be removed too early or that might prolong the drainage. Major liposuction procedures mean wearing these post-op garments and binders for longer.


When the post op garments are removed for the first time, it causes rapid decompression which can make you dizzy. The shower is usually the day after the surgery so be prepared for it. Just lie down so the dizziness can pass.

Post-micturation syncope

This is fainting when standing up too fast after urination. This is common in women on the morning after childbirth as well as in patients of liposuction. Stand up slowly after urination and lie down on the floor or sit down if you do have a dizziness spell.

Wound care

It is important to keep the incisions clean from the drainage. So shower at least once daily. The incision should be washed gently with clean hands and water and soap. Pat the incisions dry and apply new absorbent pads. Once an incision hasn’t bled for 24 hours, you can safely stop using the absorbent pads.

Liposuction is a fairly quick and uncomplicated procedure. However, the post op care is important to prevent any complications. And one of the most important things to remember is that you shouldn’t expect to look ‘skinny’ the day after the surgery. Focus on your recovery and health.